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Charles/Arissa Log

Summary: Arissa stops by to question Charles and offer him a place to live and work in exchange for the information. He agrees and tells her everything he knows about Jasper and Varin.

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IM RP Log: Charles' surrender

Summary: Charles, upon learning that Jasper and Varin intend to kill him, decided to get in touch with Acevona to seek her help. She agrees to meet him (after Richard finagles his way into coming along as a guard) at the closed ice cream stand in Diagon Alley. At the meeting, Charles hands off the Elder Wand to Acevona in exchange for her help, and as a symbol of good faith (though it isn't said in as many words). Ace takes him to a safe place, and then she and Richard discuss the wand and what to do with it.

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Summary: Charles visits Jasper's place to check in and see if there's any news, but (fortunately for him) Jasper isn't in. Instead, Morgan warns Charles that Varin has mastery of the wand, and that Charles is no longer needed. After a couple of attempts to convince her to leave with him, Charles leaves Jasper's place alone. Morgan tries to keep the information from Jasper when he returns home and is successful - so far.

It has occurred to me I do not have a PB chosen for Morgan. Ooops.

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IM RP Log: Varin, Jasper

Summary: After disarming Harry - and speculating that Harry will want to disarm him sometime in the near future - Varin seeks an associate of his to pass on the wand's mastery to. Since Varin has mastery, and they no longer need Charles for their plot, Jasper plans to terminate Charles' employment (well, rather, Charles himself). Jasper disarms Varin, and Varin - no longer the master of the Elder Wand - retreats to Hogwarts.

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Summary: The Moonwatchers hold a meeting to nominate future members - mostly kids and significant others of current memebers.

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Watchers and Werewolves

Summary: When Ryan comes home to find Lana missing (and Drakkor present to taunt him), he alerts the 'watchers before apparating to Acevona's place after Drakkor leaves. There is a brief meeting at Isaac's mansion before Isaac and Matt apparate to the coordinates that Arissa (who had done a locating spell) had given to them. They rescue Lana from the weres den, Isaac spreads the word that they've arrived safely, thanks the 'watchers for showing up, and goes to bed while Ace, Richard, and Ryan discuss Lana briefly.

Summarized followup for plot's sake: Since they have a location, the 'watchers mount a hunt against Drakkor's pack, depleting the number further, and enraging Drakkor. As a precaution, Isaac will have the 'watchers patrolling Hogsmeade while the students are there.

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IM RP Log: Acevona, Matt, Charles, Thomas

Who: Acevona, Matt, Charles, Thomas
Summary: Acevona and Matt, on behalf of the MoonWatchers and in response to Isabelle's letter to her parents, journey to the Smith's home to try to get to the bottom of the trio of Imperius'd beings at Hogwarts. The confrontation occurs quickly, and Charles escapes. Thomas is interrogated and eventually killed, but the two 'watchers learn the reason behind the Imperiusment, the fact Thomas and Charles were not responsible for the elf that set off the Dark Mark, that there is a third man working with them (though they only receivd Varin's first name), and the fact that Charles has the Elder Wand with him. They are somewhat dismayed to learn they have a second culprit, and they ponder how to inform Mr. Potter of the danger he may be in without revealing the existence of the Moonwatchers. No conclusion was reached.

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IM RP Log: Breaking the Imperius Curse

Who: Antonius, Damian, Isabelle, Augustus, Ashley, Relic
Summary: When it is brought to his attention, Antonius sends for an auror to break the suspected curse on Damian. A brief interview with the boy convinces Antonius he's under the curse, and Augustus arrives to break the curse. While Augustus is working on Damian, Antonius summons Ashley to tend to the boy in the event there are complications. Augustus then asks to see his daughter, and when she walks him out, she asks the questions she couldn't ask in front of the Headmaster - questions that would reveal the presence of the MoonWatchers. Augustus leaves, promising his daughter he'll be careful, and Damian falls asleep in the Infirmary.

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IM RP Log: Isabelle, Damian, Benjamin

Who: Isabelle, Damian, Benjamin
Summary: After Celestial speaks to Isabelle about the way Damian's acting, Belle confronts him. When Charles checks in on his subject and sees Isabelle, he taunts as Damian. Belle finds this tremendously out of character for Damian, and on her way out of the library, speaks with the librarian about Damian's behavior, and what she suspects (without actually coming out and saying what she suspects). Then she decides to tell her parents about it, hoping they can do something on their end.

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IM RP Log: Acevona, Christopher, Matthew

Summary Ace goes to visit Matthew and Christopher, to arrange a bit of information gathering on Christopher's part - since Charles has a friend on the inside, they should have a friend on the inside, too.

Notes Smut free and relatively short

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